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Jun 22, 2017

Fixing cups-lpd on Raspbian Jessie

As I have mentioned before I use a Raspberry Pi running Rasbian Jessie as a print-server. After I made the switch to LPR I started noticing new problems: some documents just wouldn't print. Printing web-pages from Firefox stopped working alltogether. So what now?

What were the symptoms? Whenever I tried …

Jan 15, 2017

Setting up CUPS with LPR on Raspbian

With CUPS you can easily set up a Raspberry Pi as print-server. Out of the box client can connect to CUPS over IPP (Wiki - Internet Printing Protocol). However, on Windows machines this have unwanted side-effects whenever the server is turned off: everytime I opened a document in LibreOffice the program …

Jan 15, 2017

Read-only Filesystem for Raspberry Pi

I recently set up a Raspberry Pi as a print- and scan-server. I want to be able to just turn off the Raspberry Pi without a proper shutdown, so to prevent SD-card corruption a read-only filesystem was needed. The easy way to implement this is to just mount the root …