Projektseminar 2014

Design of a Bluetooth LE connected EMG Recorder

Author: Ferdinand Keil
Supervisor: M.Sc. Sandro Hardy
Finished: 03.08.2014



A Bluetooth Low Energy connected EMG recording device is designed and tested. The system design is discussed in detail and the evaluation results for the prototype are presented. Finally possible future work is discussed and a conclusion is drawn.

Download report in PDF formatthesis_coversheet

Read the report online

ADS129x library on Github

Download source files (PCB artwork)

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August 6th, 2014 at 20:25

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  1. Hello, I would like to know more about this project, are the hardware design files available or the schematic?


    6 Mai 16 at 10:37

  2. Please drop me an email if your interested in the design files.


    23 Jul 16 at 14:34

  3. I also am interested in the design files. Are you also producing finished version.

    Many thanks


    8 Aug 16 at 12:57

  4. Hie

    I am a post Graduate Student at Stellenbosch University. I am intrested in your design. I am actually developing a 4 channel system for transtibial amputee limb ankle servo system.

    May you kindly assist with some of your design files. I will share the whole project with you. I will acknowledge and refference your work.


    Stellenbosch University
    South Africa.

    Talon Garikayi

    18 Aug 16 at 17:04

  5. Awesome work! I am interested in the design files as well, if you could send them along that would be absolutely great.



    28 Sep 16 at 00:33

  6. Hi, I am working on a ADS1299 for and EEG application and would be very interested to know more about your hardware design. Do you have a hardware depository?


    9 Nov 16 at 18:26

  7. In response to the many requests for the source files I have added a download link above. Enjoy!



    30 Nov 16 at 23:07

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